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“You can pay NOW for good foods that fuel your body, or you can pay later as your health issues cost you more due to the years of poor quality foods that YOU chose.”

This first article was inspired by my niece, Carly LeRoy, on a recent trip to Chicago. I don’t normally read the newspaper, but if I do, I only read the articles with a positive impact. That being said, a story about the store Whole Foods caught my eye, so I began to read it. Carly walked in and we started to talk about this store. She said, “my dad doesn’t like to go there and pay the higher prices for this type of food.”  Even though only 13 years old, she is mindful of what she eats and believes in taking care of the environment. While society is becoming more mindful of the challenges of eating unhealthy, low quality food over the years, her dad’s comment reflected how a great amount of the country also reason against it- which is why cheap, over-processed foods have most of the market share.


In this country, you do not have to look far for signs we have moved in the opposite direction of optimal health. This shift is evident in how a growing portion of our population are overweight, allergies to foods and chronic disease are on the rise. In the book, “The Perfect Gene Diet” by Pamela McDonald, N.P she says, “I believe the main reason is our move away from whole, natural foods to highly processed food products.” Another sign of this growing problem is the number of people taking medications to combat their symptoms. Most of the medications people are taking only treat the surface and not the causes.


If you really want to see how far we have gotten away from the original food source, just look at the side of a package and read the long list of artificial ingredients and preservatives that have altered the food. We are now eating foods that are highly addictive. They have very little sustaining value or nutrients for our bodies because they are modified to make you want to eat more. Our society also has a tendency to eat these foods because the cost is relatively inexpensive compared to organic or locally grown food. There is a wealth of information available so you can make your own informed conclusion on organic foods. Here is a source I found very informative:


For many years I kept filling my schedule and finding meals that are quick and easily available.  This meant that fast food and processed food cooked in the microwave were my meals of choice. Anyone that has known me for a while knows that I really like burgers and I love to snack. Then I went through a stage where I said, “Anything in moderation is ok.”  This was a good way to making a transition to a healthier lifestyle. When I went with this approach however, I found that I was still putting highly processed foods into my body. Now I am making the next shift in my life. I think this urge for a bigger change for my health has come from my yoga practice. Post class I would crave natural fruits and vegetables. I also started to notice when I was feeling a little out of sorts or drained, eating organic foods sped up my recovery time and got me back into balance.


Dr Wayne Dyer has been a big inspiration to me.  In one of his programs he talks about your physical body and how what you put in it affects your vibration. When you are feeling bad, you have a very low vibration, and when you are feeling good, your vibration increases. When you eat foods that give your body a natural energy, you feel good. Thus raising your vibration.


I have made the conscious decision to look at what I choose to put into this physical body of mine. Not to say I don’t stray on occasion, but the more I put my focus on optimal health, the less I stray. For example, when I eat snacks I don’t feel guilty, feeling guilty only adds stress to your body which just moves you further from optimal health.


List of the changes I have made:

  • Almond milk instead of animal milk. There are no saturated fats nor do you have to worry about what the animal was being fed or the conditions of the farm.
  • Reduced the amount of meals I have servings of meat.
  • Switched to organic pre-packaged foods if I still need something quick.
  • Reduction of fast food in my life – highly addictive.
  • Reduced portion size of meals – eating less, but more often, increases energy as the body digests smaller amounts quicker.
  • Reduced the amount of pop or cola to a couple times a year – most contain high fructose corn syrup which your body does not break down well
  • Limit alcohol – alcohol contains a lot of sugar and reduces your level of vibration
  • Vitamins and minerals from Natures Sunshine and Pure Herbs


So what can you do?

When you make any change in your life, take small steps and you will be more likely to succeed.  If you change everything all at once and your food bill goes up significantly, it will be real easy for your ego to say, “look how much you’re spending.”  Your ego is very good at talking you out of things.

What obstacles can you expect to come across in making this change?

One of the biggest obstacles is your schedule because you only have as much time as you believe you have. If you feel you do not have enough time to make this change, then you won’t because you aren’t setting aside time for it.  If you feel you do have the time you will create it everyday. It is like Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you are right.” Another obstacle will be friends or family that may not believe in this change for many different reasons. I have found  when I start down a new path, it works well to keep it to myself at first. When you have to explain or defend a new way of thinking, you take the energy away from the change you are trying to make. You shift into left brain thinking, the place where your ego resides. Then the ego will be influenced by what others say. One way to stay on this new path of choice is to live by this quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer: “Learn to remain independent of the Good opinions of other people.”


Working toward optimalhealth has many benefits, but there are two that stand out to me: It makes you feel good, a state we all like to be in; and you will have more time to do the things you really want to do in life. It all comes down to a choice. You can put foods into your body that build a strong immune system and keep your body healthy, which does cost more now, or you can choose to eat inexpensive foods with very little sustaining value, which will save you money now but cost you in the long run. If you choose the latter, create a savings account. You will need it later in life to pay for all the medications and doctor visits to take care of the parts of your body that start to fail. Eating right is not a one time event or a fad diet; it is a lifestyle you choose. It is a choice you have to make, and one you will have to live with the rest of this lifetime.


Lastly it is a change in your mindset. Form your own vision of what perfect health is and how you see yourself. Really picture it in your mind. Your ideal weight, how you look, and most importantly, how you feel. What are the things that you see yourself doing in the future? I see myself skiing at 80 years old! Hold onto this image, become steadfast in this belief and you will become what you think about and focus on. You will be guided to eat the right foods, read the right books, and find the information that helps you manifest the image you hold in your mind.  It is your job to stay informed and there is more information more than ever available to you. Thank you for reading this. It’s a topic I am very passionate about because it has changed my life and continues to. For more on Living in Optimal Health, stop back and see our monthly updated articles. If you know someone else that will benefit from this information, please recommend this article.

Just an afterthought!

Instead of looking at that expensive dessert as a reward, treat yourself to those whole foods. If more people do, costs will decrease. Ultimately, you will feel better, think more clearly, and have more energy. Everything in life is a choice!


*Every form of medicine has its place and every physical body is different. Ask a trusted medical professional for further advice. All information presented has proven to work for the author and other contributors.  It is up to you to be informed, remember your health is your CHOICE!


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