We Believe

We believe in, “the power of ONE”, that one empowered individual can change the world.  We believe that self-empowerment is a choice.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to offer American-made products in an educational and connective way while fostering a healthy, peaceful, high-vibration environment for our employees, vendors, and customers.

Our Core Values

The USAmart brand is a household name and as a company we embrace health, wellness, family, friends, following your passion and taking inspired action in life. We continue to create a space of possibility, where individuals can thrive as well as embrace a strong sense of building commUNITY.  We as an organization believe in paying it forward and giving back.

We have the largest selection of quality USA products anywhere.

Our Culture

individuals and organizations that make products sustainably and ethically here in the USA.

We educate consumers on WHY to buy USA-made products. This helps create more jobs in local communities.  In addition to the people helped, buying USA made helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint.

We help individuals to embolden themselves by understanding that they have the opportunity to make changes in our economy with every dollar they spend. The more dollars spent on goods made here at home, the larger the selection of goods we will have available that are 100% made in the USA. We inspire people to realize a place of knowing within – that it is individuals who create real change in this world and individuals who can create a vibrant local and national economy. With this knowledge everyone wins. Tying together the consumer, the company and the commUNITY we can form a cohesive and lasting relationship through this new mindset.

We donated over $100,000.00 to the You Can You Will Foundation and also sponsor their annual “YCYW Inspire” Empowerment weekend. At this event, speakers both national and local to Cleveland, our hometown present valuable information on a variety of self-empowerment topics.

From the GrassRoots efforts started a number of years ago by individuals talking about the benefits of buying, “made in the USA”, we have helped to create a major shift and a number of large organizations have moved their production from overseas back home.

We are the premier resource for family farms and farmers markets throughout the country guiding individuals to healthy food sources.

We Strive For…

Helping individuals with a vision for new products remove obstacles preventing them from making their dreams a reality and getting them to market.

Creating a place where the following people are drawn because of the high energy and integretry we emit: Employees, Vendors, Customers, Inventors, Dreamers and Media.

Peace, BE the peace YOU want to see in the world


All of our employees share our passion for American-made products and they are always on the lookout for unique and innovative products made in the USA.

We gather twice a year, once in Chautauqua and once at our Colorado retreat built in 2022. We use this time together to revisit our Vivid Vision, celebrate progress and work through some of the challenges we are facing. We attract A-game individuals at USAmart. These employees rate us in the top five companies to work for year after year. They are inspired to come to work and are fully aligned with our vision. One of the core reasons for work satisfaction is the great work life balance we commit to at our organization.

Our team was invited to dinner at the White House because of the work we have done to stimulate the American economy.

We have sales people in all six regions of the United States and they have a finger on the pulse of their region. We have created a culture of self-empowered employees who believe in health and wellness and make it a priority in their lives.

We have been able to stay a private company. Investors trust our expertise and are lined up to fund individuals who are creating new American products.


We are passionate about supporting local American craftsmen and artisans. This ranges from individuals who have established their business and have a storefront, to the vendor who is still creating their products in their basement. We believe in backing people here at home.

We have so much to be thankful for, as USAmart has over 555 vendors in just three years. We have helped over 50 start-ups bring their products to the world market, helping make their dream a reality. We attract only vendors who share our vision and values. Vendors who spread positive energy and like us, take care of their employees through good working conditions and a fair living wage.


Our customers all over the world have helped us connect with individuals and organizations that make products in the USA.

People love the experience they get when shopping on the USAmart site— it’s refreshing and inspiring. They feel they personally get to know the people who created what they are buying. When they use the products they feel good knowing that the companies pay a fair living wage and provide employees with good working conditions.

Our customers are very vocal on social media, which has put pressure on more companies to produce products here in the USA


The USAmart tour of America kicked off in January of 2021. It has been an amazing journey.  Ford Motor Company got behind the tour and donated two large vehicles to make it possible. Other USA companies joined in and supplied everything needed for this tour, including all equipment and the conversion of these vehicles. New stops are being added daily. As these vendor’s products are added to our product selection, our diversity increases and surpasses our goals.

General Store & Online Presence

In addition to the online experience, we launched our General Store which is open at premier markets once a month during the tour in 12 different cities. When guests steps through the old screen door, it feels like you are stepping back in time. These stores have our best selling products and feature new ones from local businesses.

Our USAmart YouTube channel continually garners top ratings. The USAmart tour has been picked up by the History Channel.

We have so much traffic to our website that companies want to pay top dollar to advertise on our site.


The media has done many national stories on us and cover how we are helping so many Americans get their products to market and how this has helped to create many new good paying jobs.


UPS is our premier shipper and continues to give us the best rates in the industry. As our sales have grown they continue to lower our shipping costs.

We are highly organized and we focus on Employees’, Customers and Revenue in that order. Our Net Promoter Score is 85+. Our FAQ section on the USAmart site is amazing, which has allowed us to have a very small customer service department.

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