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We are excited about 2017 and all the possibilities that are in front of us. USAmart is providing opportunities for anyone with a “made in the USA” product to have a location to not only sell their product but to help people with innovative ideas to bring their product to market. We have created a place where like-minded people can come together in a community offering your neighbors, community, city, state and even the entire US the largest selection of USA made products. Our mission is to educate on the myriad of benefits & inspire people to buy local and support the local economy. We provide this space of possibilities where people can turn their ideas into a reality.

We know you are passionate about what you have created. You have put all of your passion and energy into it as well as your heart and soul. You see how it will help others or maybe it is the enjoyment that people will get from owning your product. Bringing a product to market and reaching a wider audience can be a challenge. Maybe you have a brick and mortar, a website or maybe you just sell from your home or attend shows. Ask yourself the following;  With my current methods am I reaching everyone I would like? Am I looking for additional streams of revenue? Am I reaching customers who value keeping it local?

Three things you can be proud of when you sell your products on USAmart:

  • You become part of a community of companies who believe in safe working conditions as well as paying their workers a fair living wage.
  • 1% of every sale goes to the You Can You Will Foundation, (501c3 non-profit). Helping people and communities empower themselves through the Body, Mind & Soul.
  • You are increasing the reach of selling your USAmade products which eventually creates more jobs and the possibility to offer a wider selection of products here at home.

To find out how you can join our USAmart community. [email protected]

Find out why we are so passionate about Made in the USA. https://madeintheusamart.com/about/

We at USAmart focus on finding the good in everything. Counting the endless blessings and appreciating all the good in this world. It doesn’t matter if you are Republican, Democrat or Independent because we believe that it is individuals that create real change. Individuals with an idea or a dream, individuals who then take inspired action and make that dream a reality.

“Twilight, not in America, here it is a sunrise everyday, fresh new opportunities, dreams to build, twilight, it’s not possible. There is no sweeter day than each new one, because here in our country it means something wonderful can happen to you!” ~ Ronald Reagan

We all have infinite possibilities available to us at all times.  What will you do with yours? ~ Andrew Holland

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